Saturday, 13 September 2014

Waiting for the 2nd birth /13/09/2014

Having kittens can be very emotional, not just for the mum cat, but also for us. I'm really glad I have had the opportunity already ones to witness these little lifes arriving to the earth. Kittens truly must come from heaven.

I didn't have a cat before, Panni was my first. She is an adorable cat, I have never thought I can get so close to an animal (friend). Cat's have something majestic about them. The way they walk, they glaze around, holding their heads high, they watch the world from a distance, with a never ending patient and unbelievable calmness. 

Sometimes Krisz is the one pointing out how much alike we are. Ok, my favourite food is not fish, but close:) I like prawns. But its not just about food, but also behaviour. We both like to be close (or me better inside) a nice warm bath, have a nice and cozy lazing around and watching the word preferably from high above. Seeing all these little man walking to their work, to do their shopping, going to the theatre or rushing home to the kids. Likewise, we do need someone to snuggle up with, one that we purr to. Someone who cuddles us, tells us how beautiful we are, and how much loved we are in our nice an cosy home. I'm almost on the opinion that there is a cat in all woman, whether we like it or not. 

So we are almost there. The night before (hopefully) the new baby kittens arrive. This is going to be our second birth, and I thought it would be nice to have a blog about how they are growing, how we look after them. Maybe one day this can be a good source for any cat lovers who would like to look after their kittens, or maybe for those who are crazy enough to think about breeding kittens themselves.

Here it is, a picture of the first kittens, on their very first day: 

Panni was really tiread, the best we could do to give her a little sugary water to give her some more energy. She needed a lot to feed this little bunch of furballs :) The birth was reasonably quick, it was only two hours from start to finish. We were really surprised to see two white babies and two gold babies arriving. Where do the gold ones coming from?!! Both parents were white (silver shaded), but obviously both parents carried the gold gene. 
This time it is even more exciting. Jack and Panni definetly carry the gold gene also, Jack's dad is a huge boy, as you can see it here: 
And this was his wife, Leo's bride, little Jack's mum Lenotschka. 
And this was the "J" baby round, little brothers and sisters of our Jack: 
/Origin of pictures: Mörrenmorcogi Cattery/ 

So our babies could be very much the same as the above round... Mixture of golden and silver shaded (white) kittens. 
And yes, we are as worried as we were with the very first round, I don't think this will ever change, no matter how many time we have lived this through. You are worried, - the more you read about kittens, the reason's you have to worry about something. Especially if you start to think the babies are already overdue. Most vets would say babies to be born between 60-65 day after the mating. Panni is now in her day 63... I am excited... 

I hardly could sleep, I'm a bit afraid what happens if the birth start and I'm not awake, I can't help her. I'm sure she would let us know, but still, it's a worry. The first time Panny had waited an entire day for us to come home, then the birth started. I'm sure it will be the same this time as well. 

Cross fingers!!!

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