Thursday, 6 November 2014

Arrival of the "B" kids / 19 September 2014

A long due post about the arrival of the second litter babies. 

What a day it was! We were waiting for these babies to arrive, counting the days. You can read it in many places, that babies born between 65-69 days the most. Here there were no signs of babies even after day 69. So I was worried. There are so many horror stories about cats not being able to give birth easily and they had to run to the vet for help. (And normally that happens during the night, of course, when it's not so easy to find an open clinic. 

But gladly, Krisz was calm, as always, and assured me that Panni is a great girl, let her to do the job. And rightly, on the 19th of September, we had signs that today is the day. 

It had signs early in the morning that the kittens will finally come and see us. First time we weren't sure. Yes, you can read a lot about how its going to happen, and what to look for. But it feels different, when its all folding out in front of you. I can just again write here down what you can read elsewhere, I'm sure if you witness it once, that will change your view.  It started around 9 am, just being more and more cuddly. Then the real birth something like 12 hours later.

It started wit the usual signs of Panni trying to get close to us. All the time she was looking for someone, it felt very much like she was telling us not to leave her, be with her. 
Also her behaviour has changed towards the other kittens, than she had stopped breast feeding for a while. Now they were all back at her. Of course I have removed them, and got the birthing box for her. 

It is a simple banana delivery box from the local fruit and veg shop, just decorated a bit. (See earlier blog on waiting for the kittens). Since the kids will spend their first month playing here, they deserved something nice. A little wrapping paper makes wonders. 
The box was lined with soft t-shirts and old clothes that can be thrown out after the birth. Its just important to have something nice and soft there for the babies to stay warm when they are waiting for their little brothers and sisters to arrive.

Panni did great. Really. Hats off to her. It wasn't an awfully long birth either, before midnight, we had all 7 (!!) of them. Now, this was a true surprise. I would've expected 2-3, but seven? No wonder why Panni seemed like a little beer barrel. Oh, the darling was sooo exhaused at the end. A little sugar is what helped her through the birth. This worked the first time, and this time as well. 

I think she was so much calmer, so much more in controll this time. I never forget her little face when she nearly jumped out of the birthing box the very first time she had the kittens. She didn't know what was happening. She didn't know what is coming. Now, it was all ok. Apart from me. of course, I was dead worried. And proud of her at the end. 

We have 5 boys, and two little girls. 

The weights chart: 

No1: 90gr Born at 20.14 (grey spotted, very noisy from start) 
No2: 90gr Born at 20.45 (white)
No3: 85gr Born at 20.53 (grey spotted)
No4: 88gr Born at 21.07 (white)
No5: 86gr Born at 22.07 (white, long hair)
No6: 80gr Born at 23.06 (black golden tabby)
No7: 100 gr Born at 24.14 (white) 

Available to take home: middle of December 2014. 


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